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Keynotes For Guardians  
  • Parents/guardians must have their holistic approach the progress and improvement of their wards.
  • They ought to observe the functional and meaningful declaration of their wards’ results under the effective Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation particularly in Stds. IX. & X.
  • They are earnestly required to go through the report Book/Progress Report of their wards to observe their academic performance. Life-skills, attitudes and values, co-scholastic activities, health and physical education marked by ‘Descriptive Indicators’.
  • Parents might be sure that the certificates of school based assignments of students’ performance of Stds. IX and X bearing the signature of the school Principal as well as the signature of CBSC Board Officials are designed to be bonafide certificates for them.
  • Too much alertness and consciousness are desirable for the parents from the very beginning (commencement) of the Academic Sessions of their wards (especially in Stds. IX and X) to accomplish the mission of education.
  • Parents/guardians must use the school diary as a means of communication with the class teacher. They ought to check the diary for Home Work and teacher’s remarks, if any.
  • Parents/guardians must sign the test copies/papers as and when sent Home.
  • Please ensure that the child has all the text books, items of stationery, craft materials etc. right from the beginning of the session.