Directly Managed by the DAV College Trust and Management Society, New Delhi

Keynotes For Guardians  


  1. You are requested to be co-operative with the school to ensure and effective educational environment for all round development of the students.
  2. You are requested to all respond to all information that has been sent to you from the school through the ‘Hand-Book’ of your wards or ‘Circular’.
  3. You may contact the subject and class teachers through the Principal. However, you should not disturb them in case they are busy in their normal teaching-learning schedule.
  4. Please note that, the student shouldn’t bring any ornaments, precious article & gift to the school.
  5. Attending the school through Petro-vehicle is strictly prohibited. Please take note on it.
  6. You are requested to send a leave application, in case your ward/s is seek and needs to take leave for a long duration. Please attach a medical certificate with the leave application, in this case.
  7. You should not send your ward/s to the school, when he/she suffering from any contagious diseases.
  8. You should note that distribution of gift is strictly prohibited.
  9. Please see that your ward attending school in the prescribed uniform. She/he must be neat & well dressed.
  10. Please note that he/she has completed all assignments on time.
  11. Fee once paid will not be refunded at any cost. Transport fee is mandatory for eleven months once enrolled for it.
  12. Please make it a point to go through your ward ‘Head-Book’ daily to keep yourself in touch with the school’s proceeding.Note:- The above all must be followed by the students strictly.
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