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Co-Curricular Activities  
  1. Elocution, Debate and Extempore are being organized during the academic year to develop the art of the public speaking and better communication skills.
  2. G.K., Quiz, Science Quiz, Sport Quiz, Art & Craft Competitions are organized to scrutinize the I.Q. of the students.
  3. Intramurals and Dramatics are being organized regularly to develop the art of living.
  4. Doubt classes, Skill based activities such as yoga, Dance, Music and Phy.Edu. Training (essential) is being organized in our institute to nurture the talents of the students.
  5. Sports activities such as Kho-kho, Cricket, Handball, Throw ball, Basketball, T.T., Badminton, Carom, Chess, Volleyball, Athletics etc. are being organized by our sports teachers to develop the Sports- Skills’.